2018 Season

Waters of the Earth: Multicultural Tales of the Sea

February 12-15, 2018   **  Grades 3-6  **  by BOXTALES Theatre Company, Santa Barbara CA

This production explores the rich folklore and mythology of seafaring peoples from around the globe. It includes an Inuit story (Sealskin Soulskin), a Green myth (Dionysus & the Pirate Ship), a tale from the Arabian Nights (Sinbad & and Valley of Diamonds) and a Northwest Native story (Raven and the Man who Sits on the Tide). Also, sea chanteys will be taught and sung. The performers are master storytellers who use movement, masks, and musical instruments to tell tales. 

The Adventures of Bella & Harry: Let's Visit London! The Musical!

February 22-23 & 26-27, 2018  **  Grades 1-3  **  by Penny Loafer Productions, Boca Raton FL

Bella and Harry are brother and sister chihuahuas who like to travel and learn about the history, culture and customs of other countries. Based on a book series by Lisa Manzione, this musical takes us to London. The twosome sing and dance, introducing audiences to Big Ben, Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, the changing of the guard ceremony and some British vocabulary words. The production combines live performers and projected images.


March 19-23, 2018  **  Grades 4-6  **  by Griffin Theatre Company, Chicago IL

Based on a popular book by Andrew Clements, this story tells of a fifth-grade boy, Nick Allen, who decides to create a new word, "frindle", to irritate his teacher and entertain classmates. The experiment grows beyond his expectations though. Ultimately Nick learns about the importance of words and their origins, and of having the courage to stand up for himself when faced with opposition. Ten years later, he finds a way to acknowledge the teacher who recognized his potential.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

April 10-13 & 16-17, 2018  **  Grades 1-3  **  by Casa Manana, Fort Worth TX

The original book by Richard Atwater has been a favorite since its publication in 1938. Mr. Popper dreams of Antarctic adventures, and is surprised when a live penguin is delivered to his home. He finds that keeping a penguin has its challenges. This lively musical adaptation of the book has songs, puppets and a family of performing penguins. [This is NOT the same as the 2011 movie of the same name.]

Performances at 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts

Reservations made directly through OJP. These are not public shows.

For information about the shows contact Kris Bartruff, krisbartruff@comcast.net

For school seating contact Karen Edwards, edwards1home@comcast.net

For homeschool reservations contact Cathy Heryford, myherd@comcast.net